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Digital Embroidery Design computer Course

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Digital Embroidery Design computer Course

                  Digital Embroidery Design computer Course

Friends, I gonna share with you the new learning Course of wilcom embroidery studio E2 outline here. This topic is an introduction about corel draw and wilcom software and how it is used. wilcom software understand the embroidery machine language. It converts any vector, Graphic or handmade sketch in to machine language. It tells about the functioning of the machine. It is not necessary to be well educated to operate this machine and software I have already told the way to install this software before on Windows 7 and windows 10. In this Course we learn how to create Vector and Graphics in Corel Draw For wilcom and How to convert Vectors and Graphics in to Embroidery Object for machine Use about Frames  Stitch type Making  Way of design and
  1. Embroidery to Graphics
  2. Low Quality Bitmap to High Quality Embroidery

What is Embroidery Designing

Embroidery Designing is a Computerize software machine language. In this work we make design in wilcom embroidery studio for embroidery Machine. We need some artwork to start work for embroidery designing. we make design for ladies suiting, Men Wear, Kids wear and other much more products like bed sheets, Cushion etc.

What the benefits after Cover this Course

There are various advantages after cover course that accumulate from looking for Embroidery Designing course. In  case You Want to start your own Embroidery Business. you want to job in Pakistan or any other country. or you are Art lover after this course your full fill all your need about you business you job or you hobby. we teach you in this course about Digital Embroidery computer course. This courses give you very low competition course. you get your goals. Be that as it may, NCC gives an incredible open door IT specialists by doing this Embroidery Designing Course. Subsequent to doing this Embroidery Designing Course you will almost certainly want advantage out of you and to gain the ideal ground throughout everyday life. Practically all office employments require the utilization of PC and the candidates for a vocation one expected to have the PC abilities. Learning this course gives our understudies the edge to work unquestionably with the universes all around prestigious firms and enterprises.

What You Learn after Cover Embroidery Designing Course

  • What is design
  • Colors
  • art Work
  • Start up new design
  • Punching from old design
  • Local Market Designing
  • Men's wear designing
  • Logo's making
  • Stitch Style
  • Way set
  • Understanding about Machine
  • Types of Embroidery Design
  • How to Earn Online with embroidery designing
  • Tools of Software
  • Equipment
  • Fabrics and raw materials
  • Predicting Trends
  • The youth Embroidery Market
  • Pattern making
  • Understanding the Embroidery Cycle
  • Embroidery design vs. Product development
  • Setting up your Embroidery business


  • Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2
  • WILCOM Software


  • Program layout & general environment settings
  • creation techniques for Embroidery & Digitizing
  • Properties, styles and templates
  •  lettering
  • Graphic connectors
  • usage of Color palette
  • Editing
  • Vectors, free shapes, borders, Art work, Graphics, All over Design
  • Creating Vectors
  • Layers
  •  Vectors for Digitizing
  • Editing, Transforming,adjusting,scaling lettering
  • Creating monogram designs,wreaths & arrays
  • Adding decorative borders to designs
  • Printing designs in Illustrator graphics
  • Outputting design as graphics
  • Embroidery Clip art- viewing,selecting,sorting,searching
  • Publishing design catalogs for browser viewing

Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2

  • Program layout & general environment settings
  • Embroidery & Digitizing creation techniques
  • Properties,fabrics,styles and templates
  • Advanced digitizing combining designs & lettering
  • Embroidery connectors
  • usage of Colorways-color palette,threads
  • Stitch types for Lettering with stitch designs,Editing
  • Digitizing,free shapes,borders,back stitch, stem stitch,satin stitch
  • Creating contour fills
  • Underlays & Pull Compensation
  • Digitizing With Vectors
  • Creating lettering in Corel Draw graphics
  • Editing, Transforming,adjusting,scaling lettering
  • Creating monogram designs,wreaths & arrays
  • Eliminating, controlling,reducing & optimizing small stitches
  • Adding decorative borders to designs
  • Stitch Effects- freehand,furry or fluffy edges,color blending,Florentine,motif fills,3D effects
  • Digitizing Sequin,Applique,Bling ,rhinestones embroidery
  • Printing designs in Corel DRAW graphics
  • Printing reports in wilcom decoration
  • Outputting design as graphics
  • Usage of Stitch manager,connection manager,multi decoration,
  • Changing System Setting,evaluating designs,grid display,automatic save options& general options
  • Embroidery Clip art- viewing,selecting,sorting,searching
  • ES Design Explorer Advanced Functions
  • Publishing design catalogs for browser viewing


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  • Lectures 88
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 24 week
  • Skill level All Level
  • Max Students 70
  • Language English, Urdu
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